# How to win every single time when someone challenges you on QuizUp

> Friday, April 24th 2015

Hello, World! In this post I am going to explain about a bug of QuizUp application which lets you win every time someone challenges you on QuizUp in any category. This is more of a method to make sure you win than a bug. If you still haven’t tried the game, download it and check it out. It's cool.

Quizzup is a multiplayer trivia game. In this game you can compete with your friends and/or any of the QuizUp players from all around the world. Every game consists of 7 questions. First 6 questions of 20 points each. And the last bonus question of 40 points. This method does not work in real-time trivia matches. This method works only when you take the challenge after your opponent has completed it. Here I'm going to explain the method for Android platform. I'm not sure if this works on other platforms as well. You can check it out.

Lets get started!

When somebody has challenged you, you can see the challenge in the Challenges section of the app homescreen.

Open the challenge. Attend all the questions as you normally would do. Just make sure you remember the answers. Now immediately after the 6th questions, kill the application by going into *Recent apps* screen.

Open the application again. And you can still see that challenge in the *Challenges* section.

Take the challenge again answering all the questions correctly and win it. Now fool you friends by getting 160 points every time they challenge you. I had a lot of fun doing that.