About Me

Hi I'm Sunil Kumar. I'm currently working as a Senior Software Developer at a startup. I love building new things, SaaS products and tools to solve everyday problems. Through the years I've worked on below programming languages and I'm currently learning to build distributed scalable applications:

  • Python / Django
  • GoLang
  • Node.js
  • Java
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript, Bootstrap
  • A little bit of React.js, Angular & Backbone.js

What You Can Expect From Me

Writing is a new hobby I picked up recently and you can expect to get one or two article from me every week on AWS concepts, Freelancing, building distributed applications, SaaS products and becoming a better developer in general.

Where Else Can You Find Me

You can find me on the below channels where I'm generally active:

If you want to hire me for your projects send an email at mail@sunilkumarc.in or DM me on twitter.